Cancellations of purchase

After buying a record, we collect it from the warehouse, clean it with a professional machine, and prepare it for delivery. When the record is shipped, you will be notified by email. During the time between the purchase and the notification, you may cancel the purchase and get your money back immediately.

Refunds and cancellations after shipment

If you regret the purchase after shipping, you can always return the record and get your money back. The return of the record will be done in the original shipping packaging, and when it is well packed and protected. The shipping fee for returning the record will apply to the customer.

If the request for cancellation is due to the record arriving in a defective condition, or not arriving at all within a reasonable period of time, please let us know about this along with proof of damage, and you will get your money back.

In cases where the record did not arrive damaged, but in your opinion is in a condition that does not match the definition we presented, contact us and we promise to solve the problem to your complete satisfaction.

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